2019 AER Summer Academy – Novi Sad, Vojvodina (RS)

1 July - 6 July 

“Youth is future, youth is Europe”

AER Summer Academy 2019

The Assembly of European Regions (AER) and the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina invite you
to the AER Summer Academy 2019 in Novi Sad


Summer Academy 2019

Registration is open.

On the occasion of its hosting of the 2019 European Youth Capital, the AER Summer Academy will take place in Novi Sad, Vojvodina (RS) from 1-6 July 2019. This year’s theme is “Youth is future, youth is Europe” in the wake of the 2019 Elections for the European Parliament.

What is the objective of the AER Summer Academy taking place in Vojvodina?

To share, explore and enjoy the beauty of the diversity of European regions, facilitate the exchange of experience and good practices between regions on issues of common interest.

Why in Vojvodina?

AER Summer Academy 2019 Vojvodina is Europe in a miniature: it is a good practice example of successful coexistence and prosperity of as many as 26 different national communities living in its territory.

Why in Novi Sad?

Novi Sad is European Youth Capital 2019!

Novi Sad is the centre of young Europe! The capital of the young people for a year! Therefore, both the city and young people have the opportunity for cultural, social, economic and other development.

Programme of the AER Summer Academy in Vojvodina

AER Summer Academy 2019Rich, interactive and inspirational. The programme encompasses plenary lectures, panel discussions and interactive workshops, where participants will get an insight into different areas linked to the Summer Academy's topic. 

In the context of ongoing discussions on the Future of Europe, regions’ voices are of paramount importance not only to pave the way forward for the EU, but also to ensure that citizens are included in the (re)construction process of a more sustainable, social, prosperous and democratic Europe. The only direction to go in is one in which young people are included in EU decision making and at the centre of its policies.

Hence, the participating regions at the 2019 Summer Academy will show off, by exchanging innovative ideas and good practices in various fields, the potential of young people to bring about a social transformation and rethink the way Europe can meet the challenges of the future.

The 2019 Summer Academy will then provide a hub for mutual learning on various topics of great relevance for young people –in line with the European Youth Event Report 2018 – Speak up Europe!–:

Youth is democratic participation and European citizenship.

Youth is diversity and equal opportunities for all.

Youth is social entrepreneurship and sharing economy.

Youth is green development.

Last but not least, the 2019 Summer Academy programme is offering participants the exciting opportunity to visit the EXIT music festival and attend music shows on 4 July!

AER Summer Academy 2019

The lecturers will include distinguished experts in the areas relevant to this year’s Summer Academy topic, coming from the country and abroad, as well as representatives of the AER member regions actively involved in the organisation of the Summer Academy and representatives of European institutions and organisations.

Registrations will open by Spring 2019!


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