Committee on Economy

The Economy Committee shall examine motions for decisions, strategic and other documents in the field of regional economic development, tourism, hospitality industry, spas and treatment centres, industry and crafts, road, river and rail traffic, fairs and other economic events that are of importance for the AP of Vojvodina; monitor the implementation of programmes of measures and activities on the establishment of balanced regional economic development; the Vojvodina tourism strategy implementation; monitor implementation of policy in the field of telecommunications and enactment of the Strategy for Development of Telecommunications in the Republic of Serbia; consider issues in the field of protection of copyright and related rights in the production of and trade in goods; the deployment of incentives and other means intended for economic development; shall monitor, stimulate and coordinate the activities in the area of ownership transformation, consider initiatives and motions pertaining to ownership transformation and organisational restructuring of a company, economic policy measures and other measures and activities in the field of ownership transformation, and shall consider other issues in the field.

Committee members

  1. Želјka Milošević, President
  2. Milan Beara
  3. Milica Božić
  4. Gabriela Visinger Milutinović
  5. Dobó István
  6. Vladimir Đurović
  7. Aleksandar Zirojević
  8. Dejan Kulja
  9. Marko Marić
  10. Stanko Pužić
  11. Miroslav Rodić

Secretaries of the Committees: Duško Radaković

Tel: +381 21 487-4135