Committee on Urban and Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection

The Committee on Urban Planning, Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection shall consider motions for programmes, decisions and general acts and other issues in the field of: urban planning, spatial planning and housing and utilities, landscape architecture and use of urban land for development, environmental protection and its improvement and sustainable development, conservation, monitoring and development of natural values and goods created by nature and human activities, preventing and eliminating pollution of natural resources, other ways and sources of threat to the environment, environmental protection and sustainable development in the field of fisheries and fish stock management in the fishery waters, as well as issues in other fields.

Committee members

  1. Ljubodrag Miščević, President
  2. Darko Bađok
  3. Miroslav Bošković
  4. Miodrag Bulajić
  5. Dobó István
  6. MD Ružica Igić
  7. Bojan Jankulović
  8. Tamara Maksić
  9. Danijela Mićević
  10. Stanka Mihajlov
  11. Ivan Tešić

Secretaries of the Committees: Svetlana Popadić-Ležimirac

Tel: +381 21 487-4314