Committee on European Integration and Interregional Cooperation

The Committee on European Integrations and Inter-regional Cooperation shall  participate in regional cooperation with international regional organisations and institutions, and in the border cooperation; propose to the Assembly representatives of Vojvodina in the Serbian delegation at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, and on the motion made by the President, make a decision on the composition of the delegation, as well as  the goals and objectives of the visit of the Assembly delegation, enact a Decision on referring the delegation of the AP Vojvodina Assembly, and on granting funds for business trips abroad, in case the Committee is not able to decide on the composition of the delegation and make decision on referring the delegation of the AP Vojvodina Assembly and on granting funds for business trips abroad, the Decision shall be made by the President of the Assembly of the APV; consider reports on realised delegation visits, review notes from the meetings between the AP Vojvodina Assembly representatives and foreign delegations, submit an annual report on established international cooperation of the APV Assembly to the Assembly, lay down a proposal of the Rules for the APV Assembly for concluding inter-regional agreements, define the text of inter-regional agreements, monitor the process of association of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union,  consider inter-regional cooperation, follow current political and economic events of special importance to the AP Vojvodina.

Committee members

  1. Dmitar Stanišić, President
  2. Jelena Balašević, Deputy President
  3. Professor Branislava Belić, MD
  4. Damir Zobenica
  5. Matija Kovač
  6. Dejana Krsmanović
  7. Jovana Medenica
  8. Lajos Pacsi
  9. Danijel Radić
  10. Mirjana Radojević
  11. Mia Strajin

Committee Secretary: Viktoria Čović
Tel: +381 21 487-4168