Powers and duties of the Assembly President

Pursuant to the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina (“Official Journal of the AP Vojvodina“, 60/2018-cleaned up text), the President of the Assembly shall have the following powers and duties:

  • to represent the Assembly,
  • to call the election for deputies,
  • to convene the Assembly sessions and determine the draft agenda,
  • to convene the meetings of the Assembly Collegium and preside over the meetings,
  • to preside over the Assembly sessions,
  • to maintain order at sessions and see to the enforcement of the Rules of Procedure,
  • to see to timely and coordinated operations of the working bodies,
  • to sign the acts enacted by the Assembly,
  • to decide on the Assembly representatives for certain representative events,
  • to accept sponsorships on behalf of the Assembly, and
  • to perform other tasks stipulated in the Statute, Provincial Assembly Decision and the Assembly’s Rules of Procedure.