Provincial Security Council

Provincial Security Council is an advisory and expert body within the security system of the Republic of Serbia, comprising a president, deputy president and fifteen members.   

The President of the AP Vojvodina Assembly shall act as the President of the Council. The Vice President of the Provincial Government shall act as the Deputy President of the Council. The Council members shall be: the Provincial Ombudsman, members of the Provincial Government - Provincial Secretaries for Education, Administration and Communities; Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government; Health, Social Policy and Demography; Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection; six deputies of the AP Vojvodina Assembly provided the four of them are members of the Committee on Security of the AP Vojvodina Assembly and the three members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.

The Council shall be established to improve the prevention in crime combating, to raise awareness of the culture of safety among the citizens, to improve the overall security of the citizens, as well as to perform the constant assessment of the state of security in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

With the aim of achieving the objectives, the Council shall: carry out the appropriate assessments of the security environment at the provincial level and indicate the requirements for the same, make the guidelines for the active performance in crime combating and other adverse occurrences and events at the provincial level, assess the resources required to carry out their activities and propose the manner of their provision, provide assistance to local self-government authorities in improving security, actively participate in monitoring, assessing, directing and evaluating the development of the "Safe Community" project on the territory of the province, and report to the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina on their work and their assessment of the security environment at the provincial level at least once a year.