Biomass - potential for growth

Dear participants, dear guests,

Thank you for actively participating in the conference "Biomass- Potential for Growth ", held on November 16th and 17th in AP Vojvodina.

Following, you will find conclusions, presentations and photographs from the conference and study visit.

Doctors of science, chairmen of relevant associations, directors of the Institute and companies, manufacturers and users of biomass, high civil servants, politicians - our speakers and lecturers from Serbia and abroad, along with you, our participants, present in a great number have constructively contributed to the drafting of the conclusions of the Conference “Biomass - Potential for Growth”. Conclusions will be delivered to all relevant institutions dealing with the topic of biomass.

Thank you for your participation. I sincerely hope that we will have a pleasure of your company on the next Biomass Conference next year.

With respect,

Snežana Sedlar
Vice-President of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina


  • The regulations have been aligned and they make room for developing projects for biomass generated energy production.
  • The involvement of state and international institutions has created the basis to initiate investments in biomass exploitation with private capital. This also creates human potential and better understanding of reasons and methods of biomass use.
  • Standardisation and certification of biomass quality is the basis for the sustainable and efficient use of biomass and this process, which is supported by GIZ in the Republic of Serbia, is expected to become applicable in practice in near future.
  • Positive good practice examples in the Republic of Serbia, presented at the conference, lead to the conclusion that the market, although small, exists.The expansion of this economic sector could be expected with solid support of financial, scientific and state institutions. The biomass market could soon become one of the major drivers of economy and the creator of new jobs in the Republic of Serbia.

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